Wellmama Project Event

What a day this was! I was a pretty lucky gal to have been asked to be a part of this wellness event. Lindsay Forsey, owner of Tenth Moon, creator of postpartum care packages, was the event organizer and host extraordinaire for the day.

The Wellmama Project is ‘messy buns + bottomless cups of coffee. Trying to find work-family-life balance. Carving out snippets of me-time, between snacks and scraped knees and bedtime stories. We're all in it, together. 

Wellmama events are created to inspire, educate, and help you C U L T I V A T E whatever you need more of to be the best version of you: Vibrant, energized and overflowing with love for yourself.’

This event in particular was to educate, offer goods for purchase and enjoy some pampering all for MOMS. Each vendor that was brought in, or service provider or speaker that came was all about taking care of us amazing mommas who work so hard at taking care of everyone else.

‘This day was made for you, Mama. Move your body, spark your creativity, nourish your well-being. Feel-good movement session, Wellmama Market, Art workshops, Pop-up experiences, Speaker series + Mothers' circle.’

A portion of all ticket sales for this event was donated to the Interval House. Interval House is the first centre for abused women and children in Canada. They work tirelessly to empower, and support women from abusive relationships and help them and their children break the cycle of abuse.

Guests were also lucky to have some pretty amazing speakers deliver information packed talks about sleep tips for moms, body positivity & confidence, creating beautiful + functional homes and the very important pelvic floor health. The key note speakers for the day was Joanna Venditti and Amanda Muse who spoke about keeping it real in motherhood. Guests also were able to enjoy a braid lounge, mini glow + go facials and hand massages, mini RMT sessions and designing their own malas. To jump start the day, guests enjoyed taking part in an opening movement session and to close out this cup-filling afternoon a guided meditation. The Art Gallery of Burlington also offered an art workshop to those who were interested. The DJ had us all moving to some amazing music all day long to top off allll of these incredible experiences.

Mamas were able to shop, snack, have a coffee and get a little pampering in all while doing something so amazing for the community we all live in.