Tips for families

You have booked your long awaited photo shoot session for your group or your family.  Now what? Here are some general ideas, tips and tricks to help get everyone ready!

Well rested and well fed

Its a good idea to avoid booking your session during regular nap times and bedtimes.  The best lighting is two hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset.  If these are bad times, we can absolutely make any time work!  It isn't a good idea showing up to a photo shoot hungry.  Your session may be booked between meals with the idea of going out to eat afterwards, however, I suggest having a healthy snack before your shoot to curb any grumpy hungry participants.

Carefully co-ordinate clothing

Choose a colour palette that is both flattering and complimentary to each other.  If you have an idea of what you want your photos to look like, choose the clothing based on that.  Are your dream photographs soft and elegant?  Then a neutral palette with flowy fabrics would work (think creams, greys, soft blues or even very soft pastels).  If you are looking for vibrant, energetic photos, co-ordinate colours that have bold accent colours (try not to be too matchy-matchy).  Avoid everyone in the same colour shirts and pants.  Add fun accessories, that aren't too overpowering.  Try and avoid large logos, beat up sneakers, and heavy make-up.  Trying a new hair cut or colour right before your photo shoot isn't the best idea either.

Leaving enough time to get ready is vital

Try and have clothes ready the night before so everyone, who is old enough, can get themselves dressed.  Its always a good idea to have your hair and make up done professionally, if your budget allows.  The more relaxed you are when you arrive for your photo shoot, the more relaxed your shoot will be!  Better pictures = great memories.

Not everyone likes "cheese"

I know you have good intentions, you are trying to help your photographer capture that amazing shot of everyone looking forward and smiling.  Sometimes tho, lets take a step back and allow your photographer to capture natural, authentic shots of interaction or reflection.  Or simply allow your photographer to direct the shot.  Have fun!  Not everyone needs to be facing directly at the camera to have a phenomenal picture taken.  Laugh, twirl, joke, kiss, snuggle, play.  Your photographer will see and feel these emotions through her lens.  Photography is art; you are the muses. 

Group activity

Is there something you all love doing together?  A board or card game, reading, do you all love dessert?  Bring cards, a board game, a favourite book.  Bring a box of drumstick ice-cream cones to eat!  Is there a sport you love or an activity like knitting or going on a pic nic?  Bring any item or idea to do together so you are connected and interacting.  This will give your photographer plenty of opportunities to capture real, authentic images for you all to cherish.