Change can sometimes be scary,


Change can be very exciting!

Please read with an open heart <3

When I entered the world of professional photography, I entered as an excited lover of the art.  Quality photographs are a gift not only for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren.  While it is crucial to be passionate about what I do, it's equally (if not more) crucial to have a decent grasp on how to run a business.  After all, that is what will allow me to earn an income and not work for free.  Sadly, my beloved business is not sustainable in its past state.  

In the pursuit of change (and actually earning a salary), I've began taking some pretty amazing courses to learning the business of photography.  It is important to state that these changes are not being made out of greed or to take advantage of anyone.  It is based on math!  Pure and simple.  As I have been learning, numbers do not lie.  Fair pricing and wages seem to be overlooked in this profession.  If I'm being totally honest, I have judged higher priced photographers.  While they were being real with their numbers, I was undercutting.  Trying to be popular.  Even though my clients only see me for about 2-3 hours (depending on the session type) I know you are also quite smart and understanding that that's not where the work ends.  There is session preparation, tons of editing time and personal development to better myself for you.  There is also the obvious costs for a photography business (equipment, props, prints & products, education).  There are, however, costs deemed a bit more "hidden" (website & domain fees, association fees, gallery fees, equipment maintenance fees, bookkeeping & accounting fees, advertising & marketing fees).  With saying this, the money you've paid me is not (unfortunately) staying in my pocket.  Now I know it's not just photography that has "hidden" fees.  All businesses have significant overhead.  Creators and makers, artisans and artists, service and product providers alike.  

I know a great many of you value photography.  The art that goes on your wall or the album you showcase is unique and beautiful.  Of course it is, it showcases you and your family!  I also know you base your decision to hire a local photographer on their portfolio and style, not just their price list.  Lets face it, there's always a "better deal" or someone who will do it cheaper. Wouldn't you rather have someone you've connected with and build trust to capture your images? 

In closing I'll ask this; lets stop devaluing people who are trying to make a living.  They've set prices taking all the facets of their business into account and it's not up to us to judge them.  Buying and supporting local businesses has definitely become more important to this gal! 

With Love,


Jessica Waugh